Lotus Mildwater vs. Astral V-8

Can anyone compare these PFD? I have the Mildwater and it is a good one, just a little hot on the chest. Today I tried on the Astral and it is very comfortable but the real test is to wear them on a hot day.Hot days are in short supply at the moment and I don’t think my outfitter allows sweat tests anyway.

Very comfy
It’s nice to feel that breeze on the chest hair.

The is softer and conforms much better, having less of that brick-ish cut quality that afflicts the Mildwater. I wish it had a second pocket though.

Don’t have those
but my Astral LDB is good up into the mid 90s before I start wanting to take the thing off. I think last summer I only did one trip without it.

Mesh back helps and not having to zip the front is a real bonus.