Lotus Model Identification

I’m looking at purchasing a lotus canoe that needs some work on the gunwales. The canoe is pretty far away so I’d like to get as much information as possible before heading to see it. I’ve asked the seller for specific dimensions to try and narrow down the model but they keep saying its approximately 14’ feet. From my research I think its either a Caper, Egret, or Dandy. This is the only picture seller has and its not a great one, but I was wondering if anyone is able to identify the model from it?

If not, did lotus canoes come with an identification plate? or is my best plan of action to bug the seller for specific dimensions to try and identify it?
Also, if anyone knows the original wood or best wood to use for the gunwale repairs would help greatly.


I’m pretty sure it is not a Dandy or a Caper. The Egret was set up as a short tandem or solo boat or tandem/solo boat. That boat looks as if it has a frame for a sliding bow seat missing the seat itself, so my guess is it it an Egret. I don’t know if Lotus made any other tandem boats that short.

That boat looks as if it would probably have very little legroom for a bow paddler if you plan to use it as a tandem. I would use ash for the gunwales if you can find 15’ long lengths of it anywhere. Mahogany and cherry are the usual alternatives.

It’s an Egret. Original wood is either parana or fir. Both are beautiful if you can restore…hard to tell the actual condition from the pic.

Just for the sake of comparison; here are photos of a Caper, and a Dandy.
The Dandy is signed by Mike Galt.
I found both boats in Wisconsin.
Both are beauties.