Lotus pfd

Do lotus pfds go on sale very much? If so, at what times of the year? Thanks.

Every once in a rare while they go on sale but usually on last years models.

just got…
…my lotus PFD from REI…the one with the mesh back…seems lightweight to me with alot of room around the armpits…and the mesh back WILL be nice on those hot days!!!

I will probably get that one myself.

yemslave, how did you size it? What is your chest size? I am a size 40 and the small/medium goes up to 41 inch. Well, if I am going to wear a wetsuit for cold weather paddling would I need to buy the next size up?

i would never pretend to be an expert on this…but my chest is a 39 and i will also be wearing a wet suit…i still went with the sm/med and its all a nice tight fit(thats what i was looking for)…it almost seems like a kids PFD, but that is again why i like it>you can’t even tell you have it on…peace

I don’t know this for sure, but, most of the paddleshow partipating vendors offer some show discount. I’m pretty sure Lotus participates in the show near me. Of course, I usually pay about $10 to get into the show, so I don’t know if there would be much net savings.


yemslave, when you have your drysuit on, are the front/side straps let all the way out for room, or do you still seem to have some room to tighten down a bit? thanks again.