Lotus Skanorak (for cheap!)

-- Last Updated: Mar-16-07 10:27 PM EST --

At $255 the Lotus Skanorak looked like a nice splash jacket that has gotten some good press but I just wasn't sure if it was $255 nice, so it went on my "maybe if it ever goes on sale list". Was looking at the Patagucci, errr... Patagonia site earlier this week and found it on clearance for $127 (sizes medium and smaller), which almost had me pulling the trigger, but not quite. Went back last night and found it had dropped to $109 - and I couldn't resist. I'm guessing that they're on clearance because they're labeled Lotus(?) and it looks like their paddling gear is being re-branded Patagonia. Anyway, at that (or any) price, it's a detail I could care less about. Shipping and handling is a little stiff $12.95 and being in California, I had to spring for sales tax, but oh well...

nice garment - great price
I picked up one of these “never used” on Craig’s List, with a “never used” Lotus semi-dry pant, for $150, so yes $109 for brand-spankin’-new is a great deal.

The newer model is a different color and has the front zipper going all of the way down the front, not just half way.

I find this to be a well made garment, but not as sturdy as I expected. Very light though. And it certainly does the job – making a great shell layer over the PFD when the drysuit just is not cutting it – or at lunch on a cold, windy, rainy day.

worth it
Yes, I second that - it’s worth the price. It’s nice to have something that can go right over the pfd and cover your head on a drizzly day. It’s well made, and is a good all-purpose rain jacket for off the water as well. I wish I’d paid that little for mine…

Thanks for the replies! Good to know that it lives up to it’s brand name and rep. Looking forward to some cooler weather again to try it out. Also glad that the more recent version has a full zipper. It’s a feature I wanted, and looked like it does from the photos, but wasn’t positive.

Cheaper still
Last year Rutabaga had them on closeout for $100. It was not the 2007 design, but I was not going to quibble.


I’m just glad I didn’t rush to order from Patagonia when they were at $127 (which is still 1/2 off the current price). Mine arrived today, and it really is well made with lot’s of nice, well thought out features (pockets, etc.) and detailing. Fortunately, medium (the largest size they have in clearance stock) fits me perfectly. As I suspected, it has a Lotus and Patagonia logos and labeling where the '07 version appears to drop all signs of Lotus.