Louisiana multiday kayak trips

My wife and I want to do some overnight kayak trips in or near north louisiana. I found some small bayous and streams that could work, but I’m not sur about laws or regulations regarding camping on banks who’s land may be private property. We are more interested in remote areas with fewer and less people. Any direction or advice would be much appreciated. Also if anyone knows any good recommendations of nice remote trips we could take near louisiana, I would love to hear them. Thanks

Plenty of route here ya go




Bayou Dorcheat
This is a highly regarded stream in extreme northern LA just above Minden. I have not paddled it but have seen it and read and heard much positive things about it as a multiday trip. Do a little research and it might be worth looking into. There is a river outfitter near the little town of Dixie Inn just off I-20.

Thank you all for the feedback


I use Google Earth extensively when
scouting LA bayous and rivers.

Also, when you’re checking the gauge for a stream, there is a pull-down menu for gauge information that includes the word, “location”. If you click on that, a map of the stream appears, with zoom and pull capabilities. And toward upper right, you are offered other maps for the stream, including topographicals and space photos. It’s fairly easy to jump to scout.

The only problem I have had with the NOAA water data maps is that I haven’t found an easy way to print them or capture the images.