Louisville, KY. Any good paddling????

Looking for someplace I can paddle, flatwater. somewhat protected river would be nice. Good, easy to find put in/ take out. Need hotels relatively close by. Doesn’t need to be right in Louisville, just anyplace near there. Thanks!!!

try taylorsville lake east of the 'ville. also, the ky river is just to the north. how far from louisville are you willing to go?

Try this site canoeky.com,you can get their phone number off it.They do trips and shuttles on the KY river and the Elkhorn creek.They are located in Franklin county right on the Elkhorn.

Good luck:


across the river
in indiana not to far maybe an hour or so west on i64 you will find the blue river. its not a bad float trip. reasonable prices at cave country canoes for boat hauls… and a lil further west is patoka lake …nice lake full of big crappie and nice bass if you fish … you can put in at one of the upriver ramps and not have to deal with pleasure boat wakes just a few bass boaters…you have to have a lake permit sticker on your boat.indianas way of further taxing you but its not to expensive and last all year…ill be in louisville this weekend to meet my daughter and go to the boat and sport show. and hopefully eat at lynns paradise cafe. … jack