Love ma carbon boat, but it's kina small

I’ve got an Epic recreational kayak. It’s a full on carbon fiber boat, and a real joy to carry, but it’s only 12’ 8"…that’s pretty small for a 6 footer like me.

I really wish it was bout 15 feet. I just look like a big ole giant in this little boat scootin around. Kinda funny.

Anybody know of a good carbon boat that is just about 15 feet or more? I Suppose I could sell mine for little o’ nuttin (dang) crazy thing cost 2300 bux er’ more. Oh! well, it’s been fun. Reckon I paid for the lightness of the boat, and not necessarily the ocean worthiness, or how I look, ha!

Yep, think I’d like to find a little longer carbon boat, so I can look more like a man on the water, and not some giant paddlin a pea pod. Sheesh, so goes life. Suppose if it was for whitewater, I’d be alright, but it’s not…I’m ocean, lake, and fairly flat stuff.

Anyway, suggestions will be gratefuly accepted, ha!

which lay up?
did you get, I hope it was the ultra if you payed $2300. I would say maybe the 16 foot epic, the old style. If pat was still building the tideline 15 that would be a sure bet, its glass but still real light. One of the smaller futura surfskis, or a Huki S1-R.