Love my Caster

I bought this boat after a long time trying to choose between the Preceptions caster 12.5 and the Mad River synergy 12. I finally decided on the Caster and I’m glad I did. I really did like the synergy but it came down to cash and the Caster won out.Right after I bought it my buddy bought a Pelican both are SOT’s but I guess I was already partial or bonded with my boat. We bought last spring and throughout the summer we fished about three days of every week. We had a blast fishing from these boats. We fished several local lakes here in the Peidmont of NC. The only thing I would change is the 6 or 8 ounces of water in the seat and the front storage that is not completely dry. These things are very minor though and easy to overlook when your fighting a fish. Me and my buddy pic on each other about the size of the fish we catch. I tell him he must be fishing in the nursery he tells me a little fish is better than no fish. The fun and experiences we have had fishing these boats I wouldn’t trade for nothing. The first time we put these boats in the water we paddled from one end to the other of a large lake in High Point NC. man what a haul. I have installed some goody’s since then like a Cuda 300 fish finder I power it with a 12 volt cordless drill battery. It works great and lasts about all day and since the drill came with 2 batteries I have a spare and both of them probably weigh a little over a pound. They beat the heck out of a heavy marine or lawn mower battery. Well have fun and catch a lot of fish yall!!

I think the 12 volt deep cycle batteries made for marine electronics, e.g. fishfinder, gps, are actually cheaper than some of the replacement batteries for drills.

$29.00, with recharger, from cabelas:


12 volt battery
This 12 volt cabela’s rechargeable battery is interesting I will have to check it out thanks.