Love the Magic!

Took my new Northstar Magic out for a spin in the wind today. When we started, it was probably 8 with gusts to 10, and dropped the whole time we were out. Still getting the feel of the boat, but I love the way it paddles!

I told my better half a week or so ago that I thought it cruised at sea kayak speed when I used a double blade. Hadn’t used a GPS to check that, but that’s how it felt. So this morning, she came with me to a local lake in her kayak, and said “I’ll wait for you if I get too far ahead”. Famous last words…

I used a double bladed paddle, and kept up with her unless we were going upwind, and even then I’d catch up with a short sprint. And when she sprinted, I kept up as well. She’s very competitive, and wasn’t too pleased about me keeping up when we finished. Saved face by saying that if I used a single blade, I wouldn’t be able to keep up. Well, that’s why I used the double!

The 220 cm paddle I used feels a little short, but it works well. I’m thinking a high angle 230 would be perfect. Very happy!


What kind of drops do you have in your boat? Were you sitting or kneeling for this high speed run?

I have had my eye on a NS Magic, but it is way over the horizon for me at this point.



I saved my pennies for few years as well, but worth it, IMO. At the moment, I have the stock drops and seat, and had a footbrace installed when they built it. I can’t kneel anymore, so sitting with the footbrace is necessary to get the same connection with the boat. Made sense, because I also have a couple of sea kayaks, so the setup with the canoe made perfect sense to me, and it felt natural almost immediately.

Thanks very much, great info.

Glad the Magic is working out for you.

Got a Bending Branches Navigator double blade with adjustable length & tried it out today. 230 cm is perfect length for me. Nice & light, too, so cruising for 4 miles with only one quick rest stop was a piece of cake. And if I think I need more length, I have another 10 cm I can add. But 230 feels natural. Happy

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