Low head dam rescue boat


That looks like a craft which will eventually move into the tour/rafting marketplace.


I hope it comes with seatbelts! I see they do Have to watch the whole video

Someone is designing a commercial market version right now. Guaranteed.

I think this rescue version actually came from a commercial version that has been on the market for a while already

I saw a prototype years ago when the Main Street of a nearby town was flooded. They seemed to have inflating/dispatching problems initially, but guess those bugs have since been worked out.

Have to question what they’d be like trying to row out of some of the more squirrelly holes/hydraulics.

And although something of a visual eyesore, I might like going over a dam or down the Colorado in one.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I noticed in one segment, two were on the oars, pushing and pulling. They made impressive progress pulling away fom the back current. I’m happy with my flat water.