Low lift racking for PU trucks

-- Last Updated: Aug-29-14 8:16 AM EST --

From IOPT (Institute of Oldguy Paddling Technologies), this setup for racking up long boats on pickups without an overhead lift. One crossbar on the cab roof and a Yakima Drydock (or similar upright hitch rack) are the equipment. 1) Shoulder the boat and carry it near the center of the tailgate and parallel to it. 2) Lower the boat so it sits on the bed rails (you can drape mechanics fender protectors, towels, etc. over the rails if you wish). 3) Climb into the bed, lift the boat above rack level (about waist high in my rig), turn and lower the boat into the cradles. While you’re up there, it’s simple to position the straps. Quick and easy. Link: http://tinyurl.com/mlgjz64

nice truck!