Low Priced "new " canoes/kayaks.https://shoesnewonline.com/

I keep seeing ads(and blocking them) for $89 dollar kayaks and canoes. Okay, so they’re not top flight designs. But they’re not used boats/Pelicans either. So how is this possible? Clearance? Cost recovery? Not sure if link will take you there. But this is the promotion’s.entity: https://shoesnewonline.com/

I think we already did this one maybe under a different name.

So fakeboat on Facebook, huh?

I was looking at Wenonah ultralight solo canoes for comparison for one for sale and found brand new Wenonah ultralights for something like $90 last night. Right at the top of the search results!! Scammers but I’m curious who actually thinks they found a brand new $3000 canoe for $90 and inputs their credit card info?

There’s many a green unsuspecting newbie out there who’s desperate to get on the summer water on the cheap. They don’t know paddle craft, just “Wow, this one’s even cheaper than Wal-Mart or Dick’s!” What I can’t fathom is how FB allows ads that take advantage of “a sucker born every minute.”

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Facebook? When I clicked the link it took me to a website.

The ad itself was on FB.