Low profile over-the-calf kayak shoes?

I bought a new kayak that has less foot room than my Phoenix Isere and QCC 400X do and my fiberglass Aquaterra Sea Lion did and my size 9 Chota Quicklace Mukluks don’t fit in well enough. I’m not sure that I could get my foot into a size 8 Chota Quicklace.

I’d really like to retain the protective sole of the Chota Quicklace, but probably at least 3/4" shorter on the outside measurements, but still size 9 inside. I don’t think that Chotas come in 1/2 sizes.

I often paddle after work or when taking a break from work and am wearing jeans that I’d like to keep dry when making wet foot entries and exits to reduce scratching the hull of my boats.


seals socks
The waterproof socks from seals and a water shoe. I have keens. You can even where wool socks under. Feet dry and toast with a lower profile.

Ryan L.


The quicklace has a higher profile than the light…and the light is sized one size larger to allow for socks etc…

Can I walk on rocks without hurting my
feet? I thought I’d read that the sole is very thin and that stepping on anything like a rock or acorn really hurt, when wearing the Mukluk Lights?

So, if I’ve got a 9 in the Quicklace, I would buy an 8 in the Light?

I don’t think that sole thickness is the inhibiting measurement, I think it’s the length, but I could be wrong.


Will Seals fit over my pant leg to keep
them dry? That’s one of the qualities that I’m looking for.


I had a pair of Muckluck Lites

… till I had to walk down a hard trail covered with acorns. Then I sold them. But I’m in a canoe and can be choosier about comfort.

I also have the regular Quicklace. I didn’t notice anything different about the sizing of the Lites.

For Launching and paddling…
the chotas work well…if you need to portage long distances, another boot would probably do…I have used mine for short dayhikes, but they tend to move around to much for serious hiking…I’ve never had an issue with them in the water stepping on various stones or other obstacles…

When the water is warm, I’m in shorts and Salomon Water shoes…

Maybe Kokatat
The Kokatat Nomad might work for you - it’s a low-profile neo boot with a waterproof gaiter up to the knee which should accommodate jeans. I have the low Seeker booties, which are pretty good, and much better since I added an insole for more rock protection. It’s a pretty expensive option, though.

They stretch pretty good. You would have to be careful nor to overtop them. They come to about midcalf.

Ryan L.

I have Chota Mukluck lites
and i put insoles in them as they are completely flat inside and i need arch support. This might help with the thin rubber soles and help any small rocks underneath from hurting your feet.

guess I’ll be the only one to recommend:
maybe you should sell the boat

Yanoer, did you go and buy sight unseen again? Let me guess: You got a really good deal! :wink:

I tried the boat 1st and foot fit was
a little with my size 9 NRS ATBs, which I wear without socks and they fit a bit snug and really stink. They’re 6" side zip booties and won’t keep my lower pants dry when wet foot entering or exiting.

The Quicklace Mukluks were an obvious no-go for fit from the 1st time I tried them in the boat. But I’d been looking for this model of boat for a couple years and wanted to give it a chance. I think that I got a decent deal on it. It’s a kevlar Perception Shadow.

Your suggestion to sell it is one that I am considering, if I don’t find the desired footwear. I’ll try to get my wife to try the boat before getting rid of it, even if I don’t reconcile with the low foot room, her feet are size 5.

nrs boundary socks with water shoes
I bought the NRS boundary socks to wear with my water shoes. The boundary socks are completely waterproof and come up to the knee over my pants leg. More reliable than sealskinz, which I also use in the same manner. I have been able to get thin pants legs in seal skinz, but I don’t think jean material would fit. I like the boundary socks because once at my campsite on the river, I can replace them with regular socks for wearing with the same pair of shoes on land. Pure comfort. I wear a thin wicking liner sock inside the boundary sock.

Those look nice, but with the toe guard
and heel guard, they look like they’d take up as much room in the boat as the Chota Quicklace Mukluks do.

Launch Socks
How about the launch socks used with a lower low profile shoe.


Those look like they have potential!
I am curious how one would get them off while under way if in a sea kayak with a standard size cockpit - from their ad “The Launch Sock pulls on over bare or socked feet, snugs down with elastic and a cord lock for launch, and can then be easily pulled off when under way.”

Launch Socks
These were made for originally for the sit-on-top fishing market and for people that don’t like wet feet.

It seems for your purposes, you would simply leave them on under your lower profile shoe.

That’s what I suspected.

NRS Boundry Socks + water shoe works
pretty well, if the shoe is low profile enough.

It doesn’t feel real warm to me after walking or standing in cold water for a few minutes and then sitting in the boat for an hour or so - not as warm as the mukluks.

The stretchy top does fit over my cuffed pant legs to keep them dry while in water nearly up to my knees as well as when I’m kneeling in the canoe and there’s a bit of water in the bilge.

wool socks
You have to layer them.

Ryan L.