Low profile PFDs...favorites??

So, I saw the post about low volume PFDs…my impression was that it was for women PFDs. I’d like to hear some favorites from the men. I like the looks of the new Kokatat Ronin Pro, but unfortunately the EARLIEST it will be available for the US market is the end of this year. Are there other low profile PFDs that you guys particularly like that I should look into? I’m going to be interested in lots of freedom-of-movement as I’d like to work a bit with rolls and braces, and doing some distance paddling for exercise (though I still want to stick with a PFD as I don’t want a traditional greenland suit).

I really like
my Stohlquist Motion. I don’t know that it is extremely low profile. But I don’t find it restrictive in anyway, and it doesn’t interfere with my paddling at all. Also the vest is cut with a high front and back, so it doesn’t interfere at all with the high seat back in my Tsunami. It is very comfortable and adjustable.

kokatat orbit

Pool noodle belt.

combine a reasonably low profile with a great anti ride-up feature.


Astral Newton

i nominate ‘pool noodle belt’
the post of the month. g2d, yer wacky! i find my cotton (NOT polypro please) tshirt somewhat restrictive too but the uv is killer down here

any others???
Any other suggestions???

My current vest of choice
is the Extrasport Karma