Low Water - AL/GA/FL

Is anybody doing any paddling in south AL/GA FL panhandle rivers? I want to take a day or overnight trip but am afraid of the low water levels showing on usgs webpage. I a newbie w/ a large flatwater canoe and don’t care to get out in the open water on Seminole.

What about the Choctwahatchee, Chipola, Applichacola?



western panhandle is doable
Santa Rosa and Okaloosa counties for sure and I imagine Walton county creeks and rivers are all high enough to float anything but the heaviest camping loads. FYI I’ve done long day trips on Blackwater River at less than a foot. The biggest impediment now is the outfitter traffic on the weekends

Recent rain, panhandle streams
There’s been some pretty heavy rains through the area in the last week or so. My best bet would be the upper Blackwater or maybe even the Coldwater or Juniper Creek.

Check with some of these folks listed below for more details. They are both located in the Milton area.




Good luck!