Low Weight: Hatches/Deck Plates

Has any one found a very low weight aftermarket deck plate (hatch). I used for a couple of years in my ski a 4" Beckson stow away in the bow and a 6" Beckson stow away in the stern deck.

They are low profile (which I like) look fine (which I like too)but I think they are a bit heavy. Now, I am doing some modifications to ski, so it would be nice to replace them with a very low weight ones… I wish I could find them made of carbon!


Might be good to include a layer
of polyester or Kevlar with the carbon. Depends on the hatch design and how it will be handled during opening and closing. Pure carbon hatch panel could be somewhat brittle, might crack if carelessly taken past ability to withstand tension.

I once reinforced a crossways crack in a paddle shaft with carbon, and was surprised at how the fibers repeatedly snapped when the repair was put in tension. Carbon is strong in tension, up to a point.

Hi Ice…

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I used these on my wooden boats as they were the lightest I could find, they worked well..
BoatUS used to sell them, I don't know who carries them now..
I used the screw outs


I doubt anyone makes deck plates made out of carbon -just wishful thinking :slight_smile:

Above all, recognizing all the weight that can be added to a boat with hardware/deckplates/hatches…

Not to miss anything, I placed all of the hardware, screws, deckplates, etc from the ski in a Tupperware and when I picked it up, I think it weights a few lbs :frowning:

On Saturday, I’ll drive to West Marine to see whether they have it and compare its weight to the Beckson. The currents plates have worked fine and looks nice, but I think there are a bit too heavy!

Last trip to West Marine…

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... I saw a white 5" inspection port that was much lighter than the black/white 4" & 6" Beckson and similar screw (or pry) hatches. It was also a few bucks cheaper.

Lighter weight plastic, less beefy, and not as deep. Not as strong/solid either of course - but features a replaceable O-ring seal and seemed more than adequate for many uses. It was not located with the other hatches, but by itself in the sailing/rigging/hardware aisle (next to the nylon bags that fit inside these). Not sure what brand it was - most likely Ronstan or Viking.

May have been this one

Note that the weight is 115g/4.1oz for the 5".

Beckson doesn’t spec weight on their site, but lowest I see listed on vendor sites giving shipping weights are 0.4lb (6.4 oz/181g) for 4" deckplates and 0.6lb (9.6oz/272g) for 6".

So maybe 1/3 to 1/2 lighter, but still just a 2 1/2 to 5 1/2 oz difference at best. Wouldn’t matter to most, might to you (as might the 5" size).

Thanks a Ton!
This is what I am looking for…

The bekson plates are nice and strong, but I think a bit overkilled.

In South FL, one can find a West Marine/Boat US as easy as a grocery store; here, in North Atlanta, I have only one like 25 miles aways!