Loweline Canoes

Has anyone ever heard of them. I recently saw a 15’ aluminum Loweline for sale. I have no clue about them. Are they like a Grumman? Boydo

I haven’t a clue, but …
It might be a division of Lowe Industries (the boat guys), which is now Aluminum Boat Group in Lebanon, MO. I know they used to make a canoe, but I’m not sure it is your’s, nor do I know how to track down more info.

If the first thre characters in the HIN (Serial Number) is LWC, or LWN, then it is this company.

Early on Lowes were known as Lowelines. They are .050, 5052 aluminum, and were made on a die that was handcarved from Ozark Oak. There is nothing outstanding about them, to my knowledge, and of course condition and price would be the most important.

First Canoe I Owned…
…was a 17’ Lowe. IMHO a bit tougher than the Grumman. Spent many a day on the river in mine. Manufactured in Lebanon, MO. Mine had a shorter, “River” keel. It wasn’t as prominent and prone to hang up as much as a normal keel. Could easily stand to “Read” the river in it. It was a barge, but we loved it. Weighed about 80 lbs as I recall. Here’s a link with a pic of mine. WW