Lower back pain relief

I woke up yesterday morning with my L5 outta whack. Stabbing pain if I moved quickly or in the wrong direction. Walked around screwed up like a corkscrew all day.

This morning I resorted to my “emergency” treatment: Wrapped a couple of slings around my ankles and had one of my employees lift me by the slings with a forklift. Not completely off the ground, lust enough to provide traction to stretch my spine.

Anyone else have a unique method for dealing with back pain?


Bungy jump
Bungy attached to your ankle type.

Combination of adrenaline and spine stretch has you feeling great.

just what does one Normally use ankle slings for??

Or is this a Don’t ask don’t tell kinda thing? L

Industrial-type slings used for lifting of equipment.

What did you think I meant??? After all, this is a food distribution facility!


I have used the Lat pulldown at the
gym with more weight than I could lift. Kind of like being on a rack.

Have you tried ice before you stretch? Get the area so cold it is numb, but before frostbite, and then stretch.

Finally there is a little book by Robin McKenzie called “Treat Your Own Back” . It has exercises for the problem. The best I’ve found in the book is a Yoga position called The Cobra where you lie face down on a hard surface and gradually raise your upper body while keeping your pelvis on the floor and relaxing your legs. Get on your elbows first and then your arms like a push-up. I do it every night and it really helps. Since my last incident a year ago , I have been doing this exercise and have had few problems. The book has many other recommendations like a lumbar support in your easy chair, at your desk, in the car, and while you are asleep.

Stretching before exiting
Bed in the morning by bringing each knee up into the chest and leaning forwarded into the knee with back and neck and head. Stretching the entire spine.

Before getting out of bed sometimes crossing one leg over the other will help or hurt the misplaced vertebre.

Ibuprofen more inflamation


back pain
Those big circumference swiss balls are great for back pain. There are videos that come with the swiss ball. Most sporting goods stores have them for about $30.

Key is to develop “core” strength and flexibility.

I lie over the swiss ball forming a reverse arch with my back on the ball. Gives an incredible stretch!

what he said
…works for me. Also Dr. Cox lower back exercises. Keep your torso strong. Try deep breathing exercises.

I have 3 herniated discs
This put an abrupt end to my kayaking last year.

I went through physical therapy and medications but was advised that the best long term solution was to lose weight. And so I did…about 50 lbs! I followed a 1600 calorie diabetic diet and cut out the junk food. It took over 6 months to do, but surely and steady it worked. So, now I’m not lugging an extra 50 lbs around.

How did I get the motivation to stick to it? I kept looking at my kayak in the garage. It didn’t belong there, it belonged on the water. And, now it’s back where it belongs! And, I’ve taken several extended trips since.

way to go
Nice job!

Ended up having my L5 Removed
10 years ago

Orders from the Doc

Excercise (No Jogging though)

Keep weight under control

Learn how to lift things properly.

Thank You!