Lower Colorado suggestions ?

Plan to again Winter in SW this yr, mostly along/near Colordao River. Wife & I paddled numerous sections of it last Winter, which differed widely in scenery.

Sections below Hoover dam we DID NOT paddle inc Laughlin/Bullhead City-Topock, Parker/Earp-Ehrenberg, & Walter’s camp thru Picacho to Ferguson lake.

Looking for some opinions, experience, advice, recommendations on best part of these sections to paddle. Thanx in advance for any help

BTW Anyone know exactly where to find the Ripley Intaglios ??? Co-ordinates ?

someone has to have paddled these sections ?

Section below Walters Camp
is nice … popular spot. You can also arrange shuttle.

thanx Seadart
appreciate the feedback

The river above Walter’s camp up to Ehrenberg was all channelized w/ rip-rap shoreline, not very scenic. Trust it’s more natural below ? We tend to paddle both directions or use a bike as shuttle when practical but would be interested in learning who runs shuttle here ?

Thanx again

Google is your friend …
If you google for Walter Camp Canoe Shuttle I think you can find all of the info…

I’m also emailing you Jay Murdock’s email address, he planned a trip for the San Diego Kayak Club this year and has the most updated info on prices and contact info … here’s a trip report … near the end of this newsletter…