lower estacada to willamette rivers


i was wondering if anyone here who is familiar with the Portland Oregon area might be able to give me some advice. i am wondering how far up the Estacada river one can start and still make it to the Willamette River and on to Portland in a touring kayak. I know that further upstream the Estacada is white water territory, but the lower part seems pretty flat. Has anyone put in on the Lower Estacada and paddled all the way to Portland? seems like it would be a nice long daytrip.


not Estacada.

yes it’s paddled from Milo McIver SP to the confluence w/ Willy. But it’s Class II-III and only runnable by able bodies sea/ touring paddlers at times of higher water. say 1500 CFS or more (way more IMO)

I’ve done it @ 20,000 and it was a hoot. more like III+ or IV.


right, clackamas!
jeez, how long have i lived here? i always want to call the clackamas the estacada… one of those weird early ingrained brain farts that just won’t go away.

thanks for the tip. class III or higher is definitely out of my league, so i appreciate the advice!

when I was a kid
my mom used to drop us off in Estacada and just watch us float away. I don’t know what she was thinking! Must have seemed like a good idea at the time. Must have had someone upstairs looking out for me, cause we nearly bought the farm on strainers more than once, had no idea what we were doing. Then again, maybe she was trying to tell me something …