Lower Florida Keys questions

does anyone down in the lower Keys area know where there would be good parking and a put-in for heading out to Archer and Mule Keys?

I have a full size pick-up, so parking down in Key West is a bi***.

Any other info (tidal currents,etc) on these two Keys would be appreciated also.

Also looking for the same info in taking off from Boca Chica Key and heading out to West Harbor and the Lower Harbor Keys.

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Funny you should ask…

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Not first hand but from my new "Florida Keys Paddling Atlas".

It shows a boat ramp just north of Mallory Square and a kayak launch in the SW at Zachary Taylor State Park. Heading East from the park shows a ramp at South Beach, kayak launch at Higgs Beach and a boat ramp further east at the end of A1A. It looks like it's about four or five miles out there. I would think the State Park might be your best bet all things considerer. Then again Monica would know first hand.

It also shows a boat ramp and kayak put-ins along Boca Chica Channel..

Had drinks with the authors, Bill and Mary last night as they are in town for a book signing tour and will paddle with them this week.

Later GH

Boca Chica
If you are a military retiree, there is a nice marina and ramp with very secure parking at Boca Chica Naval Air Station. There is also a marina open to the public on Stock Island whcidh might be a possibility. Security is good and the location is convenient, but it defineilty caters to big boats.

The launch site north of Mallory Square mentioned in above post is a great launch but I would not leave my truck there on a bet, even if there was parking available. It is not a threatening spot, but there are lots of homeless and druggies wandering through.

take a look here

That site is good…
But is mainly powerboat ramps, 111 Barnes Sound is now permanently closed due to the new road. Kayak launches while more elusive are more numerous and usually free.

Boca Chiba, must see vid.

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PS the guy in the chum-chum yellow roto yak has a paddle way too long for his size and yak, If you pub with him, ghawk, let him know I said that.

Different Boca Chica
Than in Key West but nice video.

That part in Pennekamp is almost my back yard, 10 minutes by kayak… Really Great.

If I didn’t need my 3 chip Sony for work maybe I would risk it on the kayak…

There are dozens more for
paddlecraft launching that I know of in the keys then that site gives.

but thanks for trying


By “retiree” do you mean
a career man?

Or would just being a ex swab enlisted man get me in if I brought my DD-214.

In past years I have wondered about that.

I believe they have a camp site there also


that is the upper Keys
but thanks anyway


I didn’t think of the state park.

We’ll give you a shout when we get down there, (or before)



Jack, you have to be retired (20+years or disability) or be on active duty.