Lower Otter Brook - May 1, 2021

It was an unusual twofer weekend for me this weekend. I paddled the White River in VT on Sunday, and did a tandem run on the class II section of Otter Brook in NH on Saturday.

No swims, chills or other disasters to report on Saturday’s run. I was properly dressed, and the biggest challenge on Otter Brook was not running over the kayakers. It’s narrow at the top, and there aren’t a lot of places that you can do an eddy turn with a 16’ tripping canoe. We did the 3-mile class II section with the Boston AMC, and continued downstream another 5-miles on the flatwater section to the Sawyers Crossing Covered Bridge on the Ashuelot River.


Few more pictures here:


Looks like a fun patch of water. Seeing people enjoying whitewater canoeing makes me want to take it back up again. I used to do a fair bit of whitewater paddling (Class II to low Class IV) when I lived in Washington state and messing around on fast rivers with other canoers and kayakers was a blast.

But when I moved back to New England I had to consolidate everything into a 32 ft U-Haul truck and unfortunately there wasn’t room for the two whitewater boats and gear so they got left behind. (Fortunately four other canoes did make the cut.) I guess I could buy another solo whitewater canoe and take it back up again but I’ve been quite happy paddling slower rivers and flat water so I’ll just live vicariously here at Paddling.com. :smiley:

With COVID and the difficulties with shuttles I have done a lot less whitewater over the last year. Still not completely comfortable with shuttles, but it is getting better. Flatwater is just as good.