Lower Raquette Difficulty?

I’m considering the trip from Piercefield to Carry Falls but a few people in my group are not experienced white water paddlers. How technical is this trip?

Lower Raquette R
This section is dam controlled (link to Piercefield dam available online) & difficulty varies w/ flow. Class II just below dam can be avoided by launch into Dead creek from SR3 rest area. Upper & Lower Sol’s raps require short carries. (as do Moody & Jamestown falls) 2 others & ledge drop above Moosehead raps are runable.

Have run Moosehead only @ hi water (Class III) but hear it’s easy @ lo water (there’s no carry trail but you can walk rt bank)

Release from Carry Falls Res. exposes another runable rap just above. If you camp on CFR & have time & desire to carry 2m, visit the remote Jordan R

Enjoy !

Thanks…how’s the camping on Maple Island?

CFR camping
Maple Is. makes for an excellent campsite. It hosted a rendezvous from NPMB few yrs back & all enjoyed themselves. (Smallmouth caught & eagles sighted. Great swimming. DEC used to stock CFR w/ Tiger Muskie) No thunderbox, however so be sure to use LNT practices.

As the largest & most upstream of the Raquette’s reservoirs, CFR’s waters are used to keep the downstream turbines spinning. Thus it’s drawn down some by mid-late Summer. This exposes miles of sandy shoreline & unlimited camping. (Maple Is. turns into an isthmus @ lowest levels) For such a beautiful place it’s very under-utilized. You may see a couple of motorboats from Niagara Mohawk/Orion Power/Brascan’s Parmeter site, accessible off SR56.- free parking & launch, fee for overnight camping. No potable water.

Additional rd access to dam @ N end off Joe Indian Rd, 1.5m E of SR 56. Climb Catamount if time for nice view


maple island and raquette river
I’m thining of canoeing the same section of the Raquette, from Piercefield to Carryfalls. Where is Maple island? Is it on that route?


maple island
is on carry falls res.