Lower Shroon River gauge?

I’m visiting my brother in upstate NY and would like to take him and my 15 year old nephews kayaking Saturday (8/10) somewhere near Saratoga Springs. Shroon River (below the Lake) seems interesting but trip reports I could find say it’s really too low to paddle when the gauge is below 3.25 or more. As of this afternoon (Friday) it was around 2.60 despite all the rain. We’re paddling one hard shell and 3 folders which I would hate to have to drag over rock gardens and sand bars. Should we forgo the River and head for 13th Lake instead? NOt interested in dodging the powerboats and lake lice (PWC’s) at Lake George. Other option is Fish Creek – I don’t see a gauge for that. Suggestions welcomed by 9:00 AM Saturday. :slight_smile:

Trip report link.
When you say “below the lake,” I don’t know which lake you mean. The section I paddled would be rough for your party, because of long stretches of heavy waves with difficulty getting to the side to recover.


Be sure to copy and paste the link. Just clicking on it won’t work.

It’s possible you could select a section of the Schroon that doesn’t have such long rapids.

I see I posted too late, but for your
future reference, I ran it at about 3.8, which was plenty. I don’t know if 3.25 is a minimum, but because of the nature of the rapids, made up partly of long stretches of glacial boulders scattered over bedrock, when the river gets below a certain point, it’s going to pour under and around those boulders without clear channels, even for those who like ELF or Extremely Low Flow runs.