Lower Wekiva River in Florida: Advice Needed

I recently visited Wilson’s Landing Park in Sanford, FL, with the thought of launching there into the Wekiva River on a future kayaking trip. The park was nice, but the launch area (and the river) were clogged with floating vegetation. Also, it looked like a long haul between the parking area and the launch area. I did a search, but didn’t see a recent trip report about the lower Wekiva. Would appreciate advice from someone who has paddled this section recently. Thanks.

I paddle the lower Wekiva frequently. Wilson’s Landing made a fine mess of their kayak launch, didn’t they? Fortunately, there are better places to launch. Try Katie’s Landing State Park, about 1.5 miles downstream from Wilson’s Landing, or Wekiva Falls Resort, about a mile upstream. I would suggest Wekiva Falls if you want to paddle upstream and back, or Katie’s Landing for downstream and back. Between Katie’s Landing and Wilson’s Landing is where you’re going to find all the aquatic vegetation you mentioned. I’ve never known it to be impassable, though.
If you can figure out a shuttle, Katie’s Landing to Highbanks Marina makes a nice trip.

Thank you for the great advice.