Lower Wisconsin River Shuttle

Hi Folks

I’m Boy Scout leader and need some help with shuttling drivers from our take out point at Boscobel WI back to our put in at Praire Du Sac. We are driving down from northern Wisconsin and we have a party of nine. So we stuff every one into a van and a car and drive down to Praire Du Sac drop gear and canoes off. Then head down to Boscobel to drop vechicles, now is when we run into problems. Leave van and trailer at take out, take car to put in location. Enjoy our 5 day trip on river. Arrive at Boscobel load up equipment and people. Load up van that’s 7 people, that leaves two with no ride.


Anyone have suggestions on how to snag a ride back to Praire Du Sac for our two guys?



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I have only a regular cab pick-up truck but if someone doesn't mind riding in the back I can help with a shuttle, assuming it doesn't conflict with my sporadic work schedule. I live between your put-in and take-out.

If it’s a weekend I could probably do it
If it’s a weekday, no. Once I know a fairly specific date and time I can tell you yes or no. If the timing is okay for me I’d be happy to help, and I’d probably work it into a day trip on the river of my own. Any reimbursement for fuel cost would be dirt-cheap compared to the shuttle fee that any of the local outfitters would charge.

Shuttle more info.
Hi guys

Looking at August 17 around Noon at Boscobel Two people will need ride back to Paire Du Sac. so if it works into your schedule let me know and we will fiquire it all out


You’d better keep looking for options

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I will be on an overnight trip either that weekend or the next one. The exact date has not yet been decided. So right now, I can't promise being available, and the other poster (PJC) will most likely be on the same trip so this would probably apply to him as well.