Lowering and Raising Kayak from Dock

Any advice if there is a lift for an older person to lower and raise a kayak from a personal dock on a lake without any help?

More info please. How much drop from the dock to the water? And, if it’s more than a couple of feet, how will you get in (and out!) the kayak when it’s lowered?

Picture of kayak please.

Picture of dock please.

Although expensive, if you do an online search for kayak or canoe lifts there are dozens of examples. Unless you have a plastic boat do not use ramps with rollers.

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Thank you for the notes. The dock is 18 to 19 inches above the water. I have not bought a kayak nor a canoe yet until I can figure out how to get it in and out of the water. If I have to drag it up, it will need to be as light as possible. When I search on the topic, it brings up items for storage not lowering and raising into the water.

How deep is the water where the dock sits?


I use this:

It’s attached to a floating poly dock so dragging a kayak up from the water or sliding it down causes no damage to the hull. The arm helps keep everything stable when getting in, but is even more helpful when getting out with stiff, sore knees.
Previously I had a rough wood dock. To avoid hull damage, I used a shallow “V” dock roller bolted to the edge of the dock to put in and take out kayaks. That worked well for launching and retrieving boats, but it was of no help getting my ol’ arse in and out.

I think you will find the getting in and out of the kayak or canoe from a high dock as a larger challenge than the getting the boat in and out of the water. You may want to go to Youtube and do a search on something like “kayak and tall dock” and watch to see if it looks doable for you. Example video: High-Dock Kayak Entry Hints - YouTube

Wonderful! Many thanks to you both for the great suggestions! I was not aware of these.

Personally I am glad OPer did not include the second.


We have these types at quite a few of our launch locations. They work great for rec-kayaks we launch her 10’ Old Town from them. My Canoe is too wide so I skip the dock and launch in the shallow water next to it.


Low tide is 5’ drop I slide them down. Lower float makes getting out and in easy. Slide thick rope to where it’s convenient on Stainless steel grab rail. I just roll up on the dock pulling the rope.


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Make a slide with PVC pipe.

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