Lowering seats.

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we discussed stability in a shallow arc canoe in general.

I was not sure when the secondary stability kicked in my Penobscot 17 RX.

It was stable , but living around center.

Due to Old Town seat cushion/back rest, you were sitting 1" over design seat.

In May I lowered the seat to be 1" below original seat height. (A total of 2" difference). I also glued in hard foam blocks to brace feet against. I highly recommend this. Feet was dancing around on the slippery RX surface.

This made a significant difference. Almost no listing side to side at all now, or just a slow lazy movement.

A great canoe season for me. A final trip this weekend, and then transport my loved canoe back home for winter.

Latest trip pics.

6 pictures of my trip yesterday (oct 11) on Lake Lutsi Norway. My friend Per is sitting on the rock.