lowering the seat in my merlin II

I am going to be lowering the seat in my Merlin II. I am considering buying the accessories from Bell or purchasing spacers to drop the seat from other companies.

What do you think? either or no real difference? Or should I just stick with what Bell sells?


Bell’s are “one piece” drops
which to me is the critical issue, as they are more rigid than than “spindle” drops that some others offer.

In addition, they look pretty cool, too, if that is concern for you.

Sure enough!
One piece drops are the way to go. Bell had/has theirs made by Eds to their own design.

Kneeling Pad
I took the seat out,added a portage yoke.or a thwart and added kneeling pads. I have four solo boats and all are set up the same way.I just can’t sit in a solo boat. my 2 cents. Plus it mikes it easier to get the boat to and from the water.

experiment first, then order
add homemade spacers between the drop and the seat till you find a seat height that suits you. then order a one piece drop with the distance you need.

Go with the Bell hangers
I put them in my YS solo, and don’t regret it a bit. They’re rock solid and well made. 'Nuff said

Thnaks for the help
Thanks all…

I went ahead and ordered the drops from Bell.

I can always put to orignials back in if it doesn’t agree with me.