lowhead dams and hydraulics

Click on this link to see an excellent video on Submerged Hydraulic jump, i.e. why low head dams and hydraulics are dangerous and how they are formed:


Nothing like having been in one.
I’ve experienced leg entrapment too.

A little long and technical
but an excellent explanation. Interesting how the hydraulics change with different water levels upstream and downstream. There are so many dams around here that I just stay away from all of them. Thanks for posting - good reminder.

Now if we could only learn ya
to stay out of them holes!

great explanation
too bad people who need to listen to it - recreational kayakers without any idea as to what it is they are doing - never will see it (or have the patience to sit though 20 minutes of “boring technocal scaremongering”)

very good video and explanation …
… thanks for posting , seriously important topic . One never knows how many people will watch this , the more it’s put out there , the more chance it has to stop the unknowing from going over or getting close the lowheads .

Death hydraulics…
For a while I worked as a family doc in Montana. Had a lovely couple as patients and delivered their baby. Two weeks later he went over a diversion dam in a canoe and got caught in the rebar at the bottom of a hydraulic, drowned. I still remember the horror and sadness…

That was most excellent.

I’m so grateful for Pnet. We have
several of these in our area that I intended to run… not knowing the danger. In fact, there’s a lot of things I’ve learned here that have saved me much time, money and very possibly, my life.

You mean like this one…

Or maybe this one…