Lowrance GPS

I have had a Garmin gps for the truck for years. Now I am looking for one for the canoe and my wife wants to do some geocaching. I am looking at a Lowrance H2O-C a salesman said they sell more of these than any other hand held gps. Is this a good choice? Thanks Marvin

Happy with mine …
I’m no expert on the topic, but I’m happy with mine. I bought it based on feedback I saw here on Paddling.net and other places. I did find it tough to figure out at first. The menus didn’t seem intuitive and I still have to “re-remember” things if I haven’t used it in a while (i.e. where is the menu item that lets you save your trips to the SD card to move to a computer or other device). It really helped to read the manual, something I seldom do. Even then, I mucked it up my first time out and didn’t manage to save the trips I took. But after that, it’s worked well and consistently for me. I wish it came with a better set of maps. Apparently, you can upgrade, and there are some free maps you can save to the SD card and load into the Lowrance, but I kinda think you shouldn’t have to upgrade to get highly detailed maps on a GPS.

If you’re interested in using it to upload your trips to your website, I posted the following note on how I did it (and continue to do it).


I like mine a lot
I use mine on the coast with the excellent Nautic Path (Lowrance) maps. These are the nautical maps of the entire US for $70, as opposed to buying an unlock code for for each 100 mile area from Garmin. You will have to check for Canada maps.

I also have a mac and haven’t uploaded anything to the computer with the Lowrance.

I have to scroll though a few sub menues (as in press the menue button twice) to manage the trails and reset the trip. You can customize what information you want displayed, such as average speed, that can deactivate below one mph, distance, time, speed… I only choose 4 because it fits on the bottom line without obstructing the maps.

It also gets excellent reception.

You will need to check on the software and maps you want to use.

Apparently Garmin has a lot of free maps also, ( I have no experience with these) while Lowrance is a much better deal for the nautical maps.

Keep in mind that most people only have experience with the GPS they own and are usually very happy with it.

Not for me
I have one. I don’t like it. Or more accurately, I detest it. It isn’t very intuitive, or at least the GPS’s logic doesn’t match my way of thinking. I keep telling myself that I should spend a few hours with the GPS and the manual and I would like it better, but it would be more fun just to run over it with my truck.

Lowrance ifindergo 2
I also have one of them “mash and Bash” fits with mine–I tried to register my gps and it wouldn’t take, sent them an email concerning fact and a month later they replied and said it was their busy season-they told me to just hold the receipt-I wish they had a cd tutorial to help me through this thing–never owned a gps before–

a few tips

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I use advanced mode.

Go to "trails" to set up trails. I activate a new trail when I want one. It has little check boxes for activation or if you want displayed.

If for some reason you activate a "go to" as in it will direct you to a specified point, push on "cancel navigation" that is right there on the first menu screen. This threw me off, because it's easy to activate a "go to" a waypoint, but then to cancel you have to push "cancel navigation."

To reset the trip you have to go to "utilities" on the second page of the menu (push menu button twice) then "trip calculator" and reset trip.

I had to use the manual to set it up, but that's probably true of any GPS with these features.

I agree they should have skipped "basic" mode and made the key features more intuitive.

If you are willing to set it up and figure it out, it does everything. Although, I agree it should be more intuitive.

Edit: for myself, having to buy all those unlock codes for the Garmin nautical maps was even less intuitive. I don't want to have to download some unlock code and have it installed when I go on a trip. I spent an hour with the Lowrance manual and have complete coverage for when I need it.

I’d try it in the store & try a garmin
Every time I’ve tested them the Garmins come out on top as far as ease of use.


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It's an outstanding unit for the money if the price includes the mapping software. It's not a real easy unit to use, but if you have any level of technical expertise it should be easy enough to figure out.

If your wife is the kind of person who can't program a VHS player I advise choosing Garmin because it's easier to use, but if she is someone who can read a manual, you will be hard pressed to find a better unit for the money.