Lowrance X-4 fish finder setup in kayak

Anyone have any advice on how to set up this model in a Wilderness system Pungo. My friend bought the kayak and likes it so much that he thought he could easily install a portable fish finder, but can’t get it to work right. Thought it was a transducer issue, then tried a different battery hook up (started with a 11 1/2 volt setup of 8AA batteries)then tried a small 12 volt battery setup. Manual has been read word for word trying to solve the problem when I said I’d throw it out to the fisherman on this site. Hopefully someone has some suggestions we can try before he throws it in the lake!!! He even went out and bought a 2nd one thinking it was a faulty transducer. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I use the X-4 exclusively. First off you didn’t state what problem this friend was having. I’ll take a guess that it powers up but that it gives a faulty reading of some sort. This can happen if the transducer is not mounted properly. Make sure there are no air bubbles if this person is using a shoot through the hull option. I have had problems with readings being faulty (incorrect) as well as big bubbles showing on the screen at random when I had a bad install of the transducer. I had installed mine with Marine Goop to the bottom of the hull. When that bad install ticked me off, I just removed , cleaned the transducer and re-installed. I usually surround the transducer with a foam puck. I think if you YouTube Foam Puck Transducer install then you will find examples of how to do that. Otherwise if your friend has no power then perhaps the wiring is bad or the unit itself is bad.

Detector problems
If you are using 8 AA batteries use Lithium batteries. They put out higher voltage than Alkaline. Make sure the back light is off. The back light can use more power than the detector. Look at the pins where the transducer plugs into the unit. I have seen broken or bent pins.