Lows Lake Bear Action

So, my buddies and I hadn’t been up to Lows Lake in a couple of years. Thought we’d wait until mid to late September and miss some of the crowds. Didn’t work. The usual Bog River traffic. Still it’s a beautiful place. A few guys got in on Thursday and had a bear sneak in and make off with a soft-sided cooler. Those are not a good idea. Friday night, we secured everything as well as we could. Right after sunset the bears started their assault. This time, three bears. But we fought the bastards off by yelling and screaming. It got to the point where it was hilarious. We scream, the bears take one step back, still drooling over the smorgasboard of coolers. They got one napsack with snacks in it. Saturday was the start of early bear season and there were numerous gunshots. I had first watch that night. No bears; the guns you think? or our bravado? Ha! Ha! They didn’t show Saturday, so we figure we won 2-1.

Some ideas…Do not cook the same place you sleep. Hang food in trees. (can’t do it at Low’s, but) camp where no others have camped, bears are conditioned to look in established campsites for food.

I never go camping without one. They scare off the bears better than anything, and if its hunting season, all the better

I think that bear cannisters are probably the best solution. I’m giving one a try at Lows this weekend.

Bear can
How do you get the bear to fit inside the bear can? Or, do you get inside, and wait for the bear to go away?

Lows Bears
4 bears have been taken this hunting season from the north shore of Lows. This should eliminate or at least put a major dent in the bear intrusions for a year or two. Actually the bears are not the cause of the problem. It is people who enter a Wilderness Area ill prepared to deal with Mother Nature that are the problem.