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Looking for camping site suggestions for Low’s Lake (Bog River Flow) for mid-week this summer. I’ve got the latest Canoe Map with site #s indicated, but experience is always the best guide. Who has been there? Any recommendations? Would be just 2 of us (if we like it will bring the 5 yr old next year - always like to scout ahead first). Love a good view of the water, “easy” site access, the fewer the people the better - not a big fan of bears (even though we use a bear pack)…distance in NOT a problem…

Low’s campsites
Below refers to campsites as numbered on new Adk Paddler’s map :

#2 is nice site if you arrive late

#3 is convenient if entering late via Horseshoe L outlet(not recommended if rd to lower dam open)& caught in huge downpour

#6 is best on Hitchins Pond (but then you’re not on Low’s)

Some are partial to sites on narrow section of flow (#9-12) but if you’re that far IMO might as well paddle on into main body of lake

If you cut S thru break in esker you’ll have easiest access to #14-18. (& bypass scout camp) Of these, 14 is best by far

My favorite sites are among the following :

#18 - just where flow opens up w/ great views W. Nice Pines & sand beach. Often windy, an asset in bug season

#40 (not shown on Paddler’s map) but found on S shore, S of Pole Is & 1m E of Boone’s landing - great view of hills on N shore

#26 watch your friends climb up to ridge top on Grass Pond Mt for awesome view of most of lake & hi peaks to E

#32 - Best site by far in Grass Pond bay of lake. Excellent views of W facing cliffs. Nice beach. (Most of Grass Pond shallow & stumpy) Trail access for leg stretching (hike all way to Cranberry’s Chair Rock flow if you like, or SE back to main body of lake.

There are many other excellent sites. Check 'em out & decide for yourself.

Enjoy !

sites 10 - 12
We stayed at #12 late September last year. Absolutely gorgeous, pine needle covered, easy boat landing, elevated tent pad overlooking water. Only downside: this group of sites is across the river and ridge from some private land with ATV trails (club maybe). We were napping one lazy sunny afternoon to be awakened to the sounds of ATVs ramming around the trails for hours. What a shame to find such an idyllic spot and have it spoiled with noise pollution (sorry, one of my #1 pet peeves). Go on down to the lake as Glen suggests. While we were there Sandy & I checked out most of the unoccupied sites while exploring some of the lake (mainly South side) and saw no sites that were slouches, all were nice in their own way. A good variety of types, open breezy points on water, sheltered quiet spots (in the #14-18) area. Mid-week you should have no trouble finding one that suits you. We’ll be going back this year to explore the rest of the lake and carry over to Oswegatchie at some point, probably after black flies have subsided somewhat. This place is awesome and you will enjoy it.


For sand beaches…
…and a good view of big water I like #'s 20-22. For mountain views you can’t beat Glen’s idea (#32). You don’t have to [and can’t] reserve them in advance anyway so just paddle along untill you see one that suits you.

If you want the best view, climb Grass Pd. Mt. (aka “Grassy”) Bring lots of water-there’s none up 'der.

Stay south as GlenL says
If you wish to have peace and quiet stay south and use the cut thru the esker as Glen suggests. If you wish to see and hear 400 Boy Scouts enjoying on of the most remote Scout camps then go down the main north channel and you will pass right by the trip and sailing center of Sabattis Scout Camp. The three islands belonging to the Hiawatha Council may have campers any time during the week for out of camp overnighters. Pole island has a favored swimming beach that is an extended sandbar on the southeast side of the island.

Bears use all the islands near the camp and definitely require hanging your food up and away from any tree trunks. Use a chain or steel cable around the tree trunk to keep the bears from clawing thru your hanging rope. Four feet of dog chain or vinyl coated steel cable will reach around most trees.

We used the #40 site last summer as 14-18 were all occupied. We listened to the bear make the rounds of the campsites each night, but had no visits on the remote mainland site only half a mile away over the water. The ranger was by everyother day and advised on safe food storage each time.

Lots of good fishing in that lake and spectacular sunsets on the west facing sites.



Lows Lake - Thanks :slight_smile:
Thanks for your helpful suggestions (I knew I could count on this board - so quick to answer - everyone must be as anxious as we are!)

Good (very good) to know about the ATVs (#12) - don’t have a problem with them, unless, or course they are spoiling the serenity I seek (which they would def. be doing!) ditto the Scouts and the bears.

Can’t wait to get on the water…

Leave no trace.