Lows Lake Lost Camera

We had a great few days at Lows last week, Aug 14-17. We missed the stormy rains the day before. The lake was remarkably calm. Morning mists were magic. We stayed at Site 20. No bear problem, unlike our experience at the same site two years ago when we were hit two nights in a row by a hungry bear, and cubs!

But we lost a camera (single-use Kodak) either at the Upper Dam carry or at the parking lot on our way out. We had taken some pics and I hope the camera gets found. Thanks!

lol bears
had that problem on one trip up the Oswagotchi. They dont hang around long when theres gun fire. Had my food hanging between two trees but they were still getting to it, tore a hole in my nylon sea bag before I opened up to scare em. Didnt bother me again but a few days later they releaved the boy scouts of there candy supply, thought I heard something