Low's Lake Photos Posted

Here’s a few photos from the weekend.


I’d love to see the one of the motorized canoe with the dumper. Where’s a bear when you really need one!


Check the link. All I see is Trap Pond



This is a test.

Still Checking
Weirder still.


OK I’m Confused
When I log into ComWebshots, I see both albums…but when I use the link, I get just one.

Perhaps when I’m not at work (oops) I can fiddle with it some more.

Joe, I just viewed them OK but webshots seems to be very, very flaky with that album. Nice shots! The Prospector nap shot jogged my memory… I remember seeing you guys as we went by on our way down Low’s to paddle into Bog Lake. We were too far away to see who it was (and we were going real fast) but I remember seeing a couple on shore at exactly the spot I imagine from the camera angle and view of the lake from your photo. Would have stopped to chat if I’d known it was you. Actually it was good we didn’t, wouldn’t have liked to have disturbed an obviously peaceful nap!

Charlie (my real name, along w/Chaz, Chuck & Charles)

Link Works Now eom

I’m not seeing it (eom)

Only trap pond
Perhaps you didn’t check for public viewing.

          JOE.....viewing both<br /><div align="center"><FONT SIZE="1" COLOR="#FF0000">-- Last Updated: Jul-28-04 9:41 PM EST --</FONT></div>

sets of photos o.k. here.
Josaey Hemanness
[Not my real name]

I Dropped A Note To Webshots…
…and it seems to be working now.

After all this fiddling, it’s a shame Ansel Adams didn’t take the pictures!