Lows Lake to Bog Lake

On the topo it looks like it is open between lows & Bog Lake on the southern shore of the Bog river flow. Is it worth exploring down there or is it too shallow to traverse?

Robinwood Park

– Last Updated: Jun-18-04 2:45 PM EST –

My wife and I paddled down that way last weekend on one of our day exploration trips while staying on Low's. We turned around quite a ways down that bay (mile or 2) at the Robinwood Park border extensively marked with Posted signs warning against trespassing. There used to be an old road there, washed out now, you can see it on the topo. No cables or gates across the water, just lots of signs even in the water! Water looks barely navigable beyond, but water levels are still high right now and that area around the boundary turns to marshy lowlands before opening up again into Bog Lake. My guess is we could have paddled right on into Bog Lake without being harassed but life is too short and we were enjoying the day too much to risk being harassed and/or arrested. Anybody else out there know the disposition of paddling on Robinwood property?

checking it out tomorrow morning!

Bog Lake
For some inexplicable reason the topos & Plinth-Quoin map are wrong. DEC “Trails in Cranberry L Region” brochure shows oulet more accurately.

Been a few yrs since I’ve paddled it but other than rd culvert & intimidating posted signs there’s no problem paddling into Bog Lake

Robinwood Folks should get used to visitors as TNC promises (cross their hearts !) to this summer finally open to public both Low’s-Lila & Round L-Lower Bog R. rtes. allowing a great, new 40 mile loop