Low's Navigation Question

I have decided not to heed the advice of the Lily dipper and brave the harsh conditions of the Bog River Flow next week for a few days.

I haven’t been there in many years and need to know if the cut through to avoid the scout camp to get to campsite 14 is navigable or is it too marshy? The Topo looks fine but…

Any restrictions along the southern shoreline if we take the long way to Grassy Pond?

Any recommendations on your favorite sites would be appreciated as well…


Big Bert


– Last Updated: Aug-05-04 10:01 AM EST –

As of weekend before last when we stayed in the area of site #14, water levels everywhere were pretty high and more than navigable. While most of the dangers we reported were mostly kidding around, Lilydipper & I weren't kidding about the reported bear activity on the North shore campsites. Nice sites there if you don't mind sharing with a hungry bear. Even at our site on the south shore we heard one keeping a respectable distance. Use your best anti-bear practices and you shouldn't have too much trouble. Enjoy your trip, Low's is nice!


Yes I recognized the kidding…

I have the bear confounding device ready to go!

Been Years
If it’s been “many years” since you’ve visited Low’s, you’re in for a surprise. The place has really matured since we started going in.

Since they re-faced the Upper dam in 1993, water levels have been controlled with more precision. You just don’t get the big seasonal swings without hte leaky old dam.

The floating bog above the Upper dam used to be a little tricky to navigate, but now it seems like a dredged channel from all the boat traffic over the years.

There is a floating dock above the Upper dam, for your launching convenience on the North side. I hate it. I still use the rocks on the opposite shore.

A recent heavy rain washed a lot of sand down below the Upper dam, creating a nice landing beach. It is very easy to paddle up the spillway and shorten your carry quite a bit.

Beware the bears. Enjoy the berries. Don’t confuse the two.

Low’s via S approach
Using the break in esker & S rte to main body of flow works fine. There are a few stumps to avoid in narrow section midway between the break & campsite #14


Site 14
Just got home from 4 days at site 14. If you have not been there in some time, you may be some what surprised. The site suffers from overuse and a lack of wilderness ethics relating to potty training. Firewood is difficult. Still like the site though and I have stayed there many times over the past 10 years. The bear situation is not exagerated. I noted some bear scat on the island, much to my surprise and site 18, another island site, had a visitation on Wednesday night. I think that I will invest in a bear canister to help protect those wonderful creatures from us.