Hi all,

I’ll be doing the Bog River-Lows Lake-Oswegatchie-Cranberry trip starting next Saturday. Anybody else going to be out in this neck of the woods? Also, any recommendations for specific campsites and/or fishing spots along the way?

Thanks! Happy Paddling!


Lows trip
I’m going up Thursday to Sunday. Most of the campsites on Lows are good. Pick up a map at the sign-in registers as the campsites are somewhat difficult to find without the map. By the way, please sign in at both the lower and upper dam as the trail registers are a significant wilderness management tool. The fishing seems to be fairly good around the lake. Since this is pretty much a monoculture of largemouth, you need to stick to the shallows and the bogs. Can’t speak to the fishing in the Oswegatchie but it sure is a pretty place. Hang your food carefully or bring a bear canister as the bear activity at Lows is pretty high this year.

hey thanks
I’ve got a bear canister, wouldn’t go there without one! I’ve seen enough incident reports from lows this year to know those bears mean business :slight_smile:

I sure can’t wait to get out there fishing and camping.

You and me both-this area has a real hold on me. I have a meeting to attend on Thursday in the Adirondacks and will end up doing a fair share of the paddle in after dark. Hope to make it into Grass Pond.

Are you doing the trip as a circle with the carry back from Chair Rock?

not doing a circle
What I can’t decied is whether to take out at Inlet or the north end of cranberry. I’m leaning towards inlet, hoping that taking out there might give us time to check out the five ponds area. But I think that might be pushing it… 4 days, 3 nights total, thats all we’ve got.

Inlet Takeout
You’re better off taking out at Inlet. From there to Cranberry has some rapids you can’t negotiate in a canoe. Also, bring a pencil and sign the book halfway along the carry to the O. Hope you’re going light and hope you like beaver dams.

Also, there’s a nice camping spot at Big Deer Pond. You should have plenty of time in four days to do what you want. Enjoy it, it’s a great trip.

Big Deer Pond
I too like the site on Big Deer.

mike, how do you make lows-oswegatchie into a circle trip?