Lubricate skeg cable

What do you use to lubricate the skeg cable?

Use WD-40…

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or silicone spray. Heavy oils,and grease will attract dirt,sand.I use silicone spray. I pop off the rubber boot just before it enters the hull. Tilt the kayak so that the liquid will run down the tube to the skeg.Spray for a second ,and let it run down tube,repeat until it runs out at the skeg. Continueing to spray just wastes it.Moving the skeg cable while spraying helps distribute the liquid. Use the little plastic squirt tube on the can,and spray between the cable,and cable tube,and replace boot if equipped.If your cable is sticking WD-40 will last longer in keeping it free. Don't mix the two,stay with one or the other.

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I would not use WD40 or Silicone. WD40 is oil based and attracts dirt like crazy. Silicone I have heard can be damaging to plastics. Dry teflon may work best because it won’t attract any dirt. I know many will disagree but this post is all about opinions, right?

go to a bike store
I would go to a bike store and get some chain lube for wet sandy areas. I have heard that wd-40 will break down the plastic hose that the skeg cable runs thru, I don’t know if there is any truth to it. I do know that my bike mechanic told be not to use wd-40 on my bike because it would cause dirt to stick to the parts and do more damage. I have used tetra atb lube and syn lube and some stuff that had teflon in it. Maybe my bike mechanic did not sell wd-40, I bought what he sold. My bike seems to work well with the stuff and I have not had problems using it on skeg cables on 3 boats with skegs.


Boeshield T9
Developed by boeing to shield aerospace parts from corrosion. No contest with wd 40. Wax and oil based, this stuff works. High lubrication high adhesion to metal, low attractance to dirt.

WD 40 has a very light oil component though the solvents can free up rusted parts really well.

I use the silicone lubricant
spray on my rudder cables and it works great.

I used to use WD-40, but then realized that it sometimes attracts sand, where the silicone lube dries, and lubricates, but doesn’t stay sticky.



No, it’s not true
It won’t attack the plastic cable housing. WD-40 is a good water displacer - which is where the name came from - but a lousy lubicant.

T-9 thumbs up
It’s the best wet conditions lube I’ve found.