lubrication for neoprene hatch seals?

So what does everyone use to lubricate the neoprene seals on hatch covers? Think vasaline may not be good since it will collect sand, and maybe a water soluble jel like KJ may do the job but wash off too easy.

I use 303

I have lots of that-Thanks

If 303 doesn’t do it
You could use silicon grease. Most labs supplies have it and autoparts stores call it dielectric grease. The problem is it will be greasy and stick like vasoline and attract dirt and sand.

Have a
lot of ArmourAll, and now that I think of it it makes vinyl pretty slippery.

Tried the 303 and it did help, not a slippery as I would like though.

Neoprene is what wet-suits are made of. What was it you were trying to do again… and why?

Definitely don’t use Vaseline on anything made of rubber or other petroleum-based products. Being petroleum-based itself, it will degrade the material.

My hatch
cover has a neoprene gasket around the edge and it makes a seal between the cover and the deck, just want to make the neoprene gasket slippery so the hatch cover goes on and off easily.

silicone grease
for rubber gaskets.


Sounds like you are trying to
solve a problem that doesn’t exist! Lubricate hatch covers? nah.

Quit fantasizing how great it is ('cause its just a boat and a small one at that). Just get out and use it.

Vented bulkheads
It may sound off the wall but my hatch covers went on and off a lot easier when I vented the bulkheads.


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are vented, I am just trying to avoid having to push down on the hatch cover and so flexing the hull when on dry land.

have silcon grease
will give it a try

Never heard of anyone using any sort of ‘lubricant’ on neoprene. rubber hatches yes, but NEOPRENE covers?? get a good technique,leave grease alone.

Well you

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are way off base one that one ERR! The hatches are hard shell, they have a band of neoprene to seal the gap between them and the deck. Never said anything about neoprene covers, said neoprene hatch seals.

trying to picture…
My Necky had neoprene hatch covers, and then fiberglass covers went on top of them. I never used anything on them and they never leaked. I’d also be worried about using anything with petroleum around neoprene.