Lucky I didn't see it. Yikes

I would have needed to clean my drysuit.

I cruise there all the time.

@PaddleDog52 said:
I cruise there all the time.

I was fishing from a 17 foot canoe many years ago and a montain full of barnacles and sea grass arose out of the water within arms reach. My brother and I froze, not having any idea at first what it was. Ended up being a large sea turtle that was longer than the canoe. Never seen anything like it. I’m fully convinced there are things under the surface of the water we know nothing about. Paddling a watercraft with no engine gives us the opportunity so see some amazing things.
A whale would be really cool.

“Tsunami Chuck”, who often posts on here, was kayaking in an Alaskan inlet with his Jack Russell terrier, Paris, earlier this year when a pod of bubble-net-feeding humpbacks erupted right beside them. He has video of the event, too, and there are also clips of the event from passengers on a tour boat nearby (from which this image was excerpted) – it’s not photo-shopped! Paris did an amazing job of staying on the deck as the boat surged.

I saw that Paris is tough

Paris’ photo should be beside the definition of “plucky” in Webster’s Dictionary.

Paris seems to be looking back over her shoulder and saying “Okay. Humpbacks. No big deal.”

She is one imperturbable pup.