Luggage for take-apart paddles

I am flying in to FL this Oct for some paddling with my son. While we’re forced to rent kayaks, I hate the heavy paddles they give you with rentals and would like to take my own lightweight take-apart paddle. Any recommendation on how to safely transport it as checked-in luggage?

Rifle/Shotgun Case

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You can probably put 2 paddles in one of these cases. Just put some padding between the paddles when you place them on top of each other.

I pack mine in my suitcase
just position it so it’s not going to get smashed from either end if you have soft luggage. Mine has survived being pounded in rock gardens, not too worried about airlines.

If you check your paddle as a separate piece of luggage be prepared to pay quite a bit. Usually like $80 each way now if going to Hawaii or East Coast. Check with your individual airline website.

pack them in the suitcase

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Ski box
I purchased a hard case for skis - mine held 2 pair of skis. The box telescopes to adjustable lengths.

I had the same issue as you on a Caribbean Sea kayak.

/camping paddle using rented kayaks. Their paddles were heavy rental types.

The case worked just fine and left room to store other items like snorkel gear, wet suit, etc. The case has wheels which makes it easy to move through the airport and around town.

Interesting thought
I’d love to see what kind of reaction I’d get when I check in with that. But I will certainly look into it. The price is right.

Ship ahead separately via US-Postal or UPS if you have an address to ship to…