Lumbar support

I have a Sterns Spree Inflatable. It doesn’t come with a seat of any sorts. Ordered one from them…doesn’t do a thing for me.

Any and all suggestions of a seat that would raise me up a bit AND help my poor back that needs lumbar support…and it will fit into my inflatable???

BTW, I sold my Perception Sparky and really like the Spree much better. IMHO, that is!!!

lumbar support

Don’t know if any of their products will fit into an inflatable. but it a place to look. Saved my paddling days


another place to look

You don’t want lumbars support…
…in a kayak. “Backrest” and “back band” are misnomers; what you need is hip support. Tall backrests cause chafing if you paddle with proper torso rotation. They inhibit flexibility and make it more difficult to re-enter the boat.

Lumbar support
Thanks for your posts. Looking at the seats…my creative juices clicked-in…I see no reason why I can’t make a belt-like thing to strap around my waist area that I could pad to just the amt. of support I need. I think if I used a seat…there’s no way to affix it to the kayak…and the only way I can safely exit is to raise myself on the back deck…carefully, and step out. I simply can’t get support from these old legs to stand-up completely from inside the boat.

Will let you all know of my success…and, again, if you hadn’t posted those “seat” sites, I woulda never thought about it!