Lumber River Challenge

Anyone have any information about the Lumber River Challenge?

My daughter and I have been paddling a Chatham 17 and a Capella 166 RM for fitness and we’d like to give the challenge a shot.



be patient
and Jackl should post with first hand and solid info.

Yea, man…
here I am in beautiful Pa in a motel on our way back from two races up in the NE, some great paddling and some good biking.

Lets see: Lumber river: Sept 20

We’ll be there in our comp Cruiser hoping that this year it’s not cut short due to low water.

Steven Knight usually wins the K-1 class, and goes home with the coveted “winners” T shirt.

We usually go home with some poison ivy !

It is not a big field, but the competitors are some of the friendliest that you will ever meet.

They don’t publisize it too much, since the last 20 miles goes through wilderness, and they are not to anxious to have some one out there after dark,(with all those creeepy crawling things)

I remember one year when the race director at the pre race meeting said “if any one has a accident or gets lost and has a cell phone, give me a call, and I’ll gladly say hello and give you my regards, but that is about all I can do” !

The year before last it was perfect with 40 miles of good water, and only a few logs to pull over.

Last year was terrible with many sand bars to pull over and logs to jump, bump or pull over and they cut it short.

Another great race to consider is the Suwannee River 52 miler.

If you want more info and the race directors telephone or e-mail send me an e-mail, and I’ll forward it to you.