Lumber River, NC racers

Unless the river level goes up quit a bit tomorrow, you better bring beater paddles and duct tape on Saturday.

Right now the gage height is 2.36, and the flow is 199

That is only a tad bit above what it was in 2007



After the 90 miler
you must be ready for a 20 mile portage…

I have a bottle of White Z in the bag since I know I am doomed against you…

I think I pulled a muscle in my leg
on that mile portage through the campground.

I should know better than to try and run, (hobble) with a bone on bone knee.

Wish you were there this year. - it is just about impossible to top that 90 happening!

Looking forward to the Lumber, and seeing you again.

And Red Cross Randy informed me that the beer should be as dark as possible.



I Suggest you talk about racing in
the racing forum.That is my advice.

That is Prednisone talking.

I didn’t say anything.

If it is not advice, what is it ?
What are you on “prednisone” for ?



A persistant ear infection brought
on by allergies.The P makes me more irritable than usual ,which means io have to resrtict contact with other people.

And here I thought you were always …
irritable - like me !

Can I borrow a spoonfull, or pill or swig



Jack, not to hijack a thread, but you
are correct about being irritable. But on this stuff, I can’t stand myself!

One benefit is that those aging body pains don’t bother you bearly as much. But feeling like you are on speed,waking up in the middle of the night and staying awake,hot flahes, and a very red,hot face aren’t worth it.I’m done with trhe stuff today.

Jack, doing Suwannee -this year?

Already sent the registration in
See you there.

That is my second favorite after the 90 miler.

At my age paddling is easier than walking!

Now if they would only bring back the Bogey and Bacall!


Y’all have fun…
My recovery has been slower than I wanted, so I won’t be there. However, last Saturday I was on a leisurely paddle on the Lumber (section further upstream) which turned into a not so leisurely paddle because of the low water. I haven’t climbed that many trees since I was ten. Ended up doing 6 miles instead of 12.

We missed you Dave

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The race had the biggest crowd to date and the weather was perfect.
The water was just a tad bit higher then two years ago, but still was so low that we had to get out of the boat three times to cross sand bars and one time to get over a tree.

Many paddlers swam several times when they hit underwater stumps and logs going full tilt.

A young mixed C-2 team won beating out the fast K-1's and were awarded the coveted "first place shirts".
They just missed breaking three hours for the 20 miles.
We were probably still on the starting line when they were finishing !

We took 28 minutes off our time from two years ago, and were quite happy.

The river was as beautiful as ever with all it's white sand banks and beaches, and there were many times where a swim would have been welcome.

Keep up on your training and think about the possibility of the up coming Suwannee River Race in Florida. You could run the shorter 26 mile one rather than the 52.


missed you chief
but you didn’t miss the fun of 19.8 miles of which .8 was clean deep water,9 miles was suck water and about ten miles of drags and portages.

Seriously it was a good race and if I ever start doing push aways (from the table) it would have been easier. We were the heaviest team there and it really showed in the shallows.

Glad to hear it was a good race, and…
a good turn out that means it’ll be there another year. Which means I’ll get a chance to watch you, Nanci, Charlie and Randy pull away. I won’t be making the Suwannee this year either. My physical strength seems to be coming back, but my endurance is evading me so far.

Suwannee 52
Yep, I agree. This is an awesome race. The river is one the prettiest ones. In fact, for the last few months, I was thinking in doing the Phatwater 42 in the Mississippi river insted of the Suwannee (they are both run the very same day) but now, that we are getting closer to them, my heart is pointing towards Fargo :slight_smile:


Hope you had a great race the Lumber River!