lumber river sept13 NC

We are all getting together and doing a little paddle on the Lumber river near Lumberton( actually Boardman to Fairbluff) Cost is about $15-20 dollars (US)We will have two different legnth courses, one 10 miles and the other 20 miles.

The Lumber river is one of the prettiest rivers in the State of North Carolina. Although I have been told Alligator slides have been seen I personally have never seen one on the Lumber. The put in is about 20 miles east of I-95 right off of US-74

You forgot to say that it is a race, and
the shirts for a tad extra are long sleeve paddling shirts with out all the sponsors garbage listed on the back. (Just a nice big logo)

Pray for good water so we don’t end up with an adventure race!

Jack L

it is a race and if you can not figure out where to go just follow Jack and Nanci…

Follow Jack??

I’d have to follow him home from Saranac Lake at the end of the 90 miler.

Want to come up with Jack? we still have an open seat in the C-4. Raymondo dropped out and everyone I know already is committed.


Hey Bill
sent you an e-mail:

What is the water level like up there this year ?

jack L

Not low
we have had rain all summer and its good around Rochester, but i can’t say how it is up around Long Lake. Not too low though, cause it sure has not been a dry summer.

Jack L