lumberjack rolling video

Something silly for those of us who maybe take rolling a little too seriously.

This is derrick mayoleth’s kayak wisconsin blog. Thanks to derrick for the video!

that’s hilarious keith…
Although from the looks of it, I would guess you had a hand roll so it wouldn’t matter if it was a log, anvil, or anything else for that matter! So did you actually make the decision to move to Madison and take the new job? If so when are you moving here?

Good stuff
Sort of surprised a standard Greenland roll didn’t work, but it looks hard to get lift from a sweep - but should have good buoyancy!

That debris assisted recovery hand roll has a lot of potential though!

Somewhere I saw a completely different interpretation of log rolling meets kayak - where a log roller was standing on the kayak and rolling it like a log (but a bit slower due to irregular footing). That’s what came to mind when I saw your thread - but can’t find it now.

Very entertaining.
Some people claim to be able to roll with a broom handle. Maybe that should be your next project. :slight_smile:

I think I could roll up with a broomstick!

well the problem was the weight,
it was a wet treated lumber fencepost, so it weighed at least 40 lbs.

I wouldn’t mind trying the standard roll again to see if i could get it.

That looked like the first paddle I carved.

Weight in water less than zero - no? :wink:
Maybe modify the finish position/grip so the weight stays where it naturally wants to and you never pull any of it above the surface? Might require a sort of reach across and push off finish - but most likely it would end up with you letting go with outboard hand and flinging that across, just as you were doing! :slight_smile:

Makes me want a WW boat too - but no WW for MANY miles here. Surf boat would be better here, but even the decent beach breaks are 4 hours away (with a few exceptions on certain days). Guess I’ll have to settle for a LV SOF for more rolling fun if I can clear some space…

your first paddle was far more
hydrodynamic, perhaps as heavy, but at least as shaped.

Best thing I’ve seen in a while!
Thanks for keeping it light Keith.


I thought he’d be straddling the timber!
I was picturing him astride the timber, with a regular paddle, and rolling over and back up!


The music made it.
Definitely worth a chuckle or three. Looked really heavy and slow to move through the water.

You could have used it for forward stroke/weight training also.

If I lived in FLA
I would want a surf boat, and would drive to surf!

I’m relearning how to roll
and that one made my face scrinch up! HAHA!!