lumberyard pine and glue

i’m interested in using local lumberyard pine ac plywood to build a wa’apa three board outrigger canoe see gary dierking’s beautiful website. i like pine because its local and tough but i don’t know about glue. i’m thinking traditional chines, boat nails and 3M5200. i’d really prefer s&g but i am not sure about epoxy and resinous pine ply. any suggestions?

maybee you can find a supply of 1/4 inch birch with 5 plys.

BC exterior plywood will do the job in
1/4 inch. Wouldn’t use birch or any paneling normally used for cabinetry as its not put together with exterior glues. But, if you are going to put a lot of time and effort into the constructon of the boat, get some good Okuma or other marine plywood. It’ll last and be a better product to work with. More expensive, but worth the money in the long run.

I built my sailing canoe from a product called “Superply”. Exterior glue, no voids, one A “face” side and the other isn’t so bad either. A little higher priced than luan or fir, definitely less than Okoume or Meranti. comes in 1/4 (5.2mm)

what was your source?
i’m trying to stay away from rainforest woods. pine is local, its farm grown and a pine tree takes 20-30 years i think to renew

Pine plywood can check badly, but it
will work.