Lunch meet/camping

Going on a kayak camping trip soon. I usually just do peanut butter sandwiches for lunch were firing up stove is out. I saw this chicken meet at store were its not refrigerated and just in a plastic pouch. I wonder once this stuff is opened but put into a plastic zip lock bag would it keep a for a few days?, links to pictures of chicken below.

vacuum packed to exclude air. Open the pack and you introduce contamination. Eat it all. Share with someone.

Bottom right on the back
Refrigerate unused portion

Depends on what a few days is.
Chicken fully-cooked will hold up fine if kept cool(if not cold/frozen)and out of sunlight, for about 3 days without fear of contamination.

I’ve taken cans(and not those pouches pictured)of fully cooked white breast meat and placed the contents in small, lighter threaded Rubbermaid twist-lock plastic containers. I keep these frozen until I go. To make chicken salad, I’ll mix the containers with those foil- mayo and relish paks, appropriated from a fast food restaurant. No ill effects to date.

CAVEAT-Keep the small plastic containers in the freezer until the last minute when you’re ready to leave. Once you open a container, use up the entire contents on that meal. Don’t portion it out in hits here and there. If you’re not bringing a small cooler that fits your kayak, store the containers in the bottom of the front kayak hatch where things stay coolest.

Myself, I’d use those pouches pictured, only for Day One’s lunch/stove dinner(stews, soups, ramen,etc.)

Ok thanks for the advice.